Italy in a Day

From the Oscar winner director Gabriele Salvatore  – Mediterraneo, 1991 – presented to the prestigious Venice Film Festival in 2014, the Italian Community will host a unique event to present the amazing Italy in Day, in original language, subtitled in English. The movie will be screened at the AMC Cinema in Deansgate, Manchester City Center, Thursday 22nd January – tickets also available on Eventbrite:


Italy in a Day is far from being a common movie: inspired by Life in a Day of Kevin Macdonald’s, Salvatore’s work attempts to stitch together a portrait of a day in the life of Italian people.  A well shaped cinematographic experiment to dig into the Italian cultural nature,  an account that comes straight from their people, far from the stereotypes. The real movie makers are in fact the Italians, filming themselves on October 26, 2013, and submitting more than 40,000 videos, that the genius of Gabriele Salvatores composed in a 84 minutes  work.

The screening will also be a great opportunity to gather  together, meet and discover the Italian community in Greater Manchester. Sponsoring the even there will be the group of “Italiani a Manchester”, the cultural association “Dante Alighieri”, the “CLDCI”, the association “Italian Kids”, the historical “Manchester Italian Association” ,the Italian Meetup, and the “Manchester University Italian Society”.

Forget “The Godfather” , “Chicken Pasta” or “Italy as a postcard” and join us  for a trip into a true italian day, from the eyes and breaths of their people, with their burdens and pride, their passions and weaknesses.


  1. Looking forward to see this movie, is very important for us to be far from the stereotypes of ITALIA as mafia, pizza and mandolino…


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